Project management and time planning

Project management and time planning

The postgraduate journey is a project – and projects need to be managed effectively in order for them to be completed on time. This video

Master's degree_Enhancing_Postgraduate_Environments

Deciding to do a Master’s Degree?

New information suggests that many students delay pursuing post graduate studies, due to lack of related insight on what is possible. This video captures plight

PG Journey_Enhancing_Postgraduate_Environments

Understanding the PG journey & process

Many students delay or end up avoiding post graduate studies, often due to misperceptions on what the process entails. This video captures students in this

Research Identity Conceptualization_Enhancing_Postgraduate_Environments

Research Identity and Conceptualization

This brief power point presentation with voice over explains Research Identity and Conceptualization. The presentation is segmented into three (3) lecture series. Lecture Series I

The importance of transferable skills Enhancing_Postgraduate_Environments

The importance of transferable skills

Graduates need to identify the job specific and transferable skills they need to develop to be competitive in the job market. This video focus on