Postgraduate Curriculum

Postgraduate Curriculum

This series of videos emerges from the Enabling Quality Postgraduate Education project, which brings together Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Directors of Research, Directors of Postgraduate Studies, and Deans to reflect with postgraduate scholars on quality in postgraduate education. You can learn more about this project, funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa and led by Professors Sioux McKenna and Stephanie Burton by visiting the project website.

In this video, the focus is on how we develop a postgraduate curriculum. The reliance on postgraduate students simply finding their own way through their studies as a ‘lonely scholar’ reliant entirely on their supervisor for guidance is challenged.

This video was produced by Sinethemba Oz Konzaphi. Thanks to all who provided their inputs into this video.

Who might find this useful?

This might be a useful video to include in a supervision development course, along with the ‘Briefly Speaking’ above.