Advice for prospective postgraduate students_enhancing_postgraduate_environments

Advice for prospective postgraduate students

Success with postgraduate studies requires pro-active planning and preparation even before you start with your studies. Prospective students can establish a solid foundation for their

Enhancing Postgaduate Environments How to approach a potential supervisor-

How to approach a potential supervisor?

This brief Power Point presentation with voice over explains how to approach your preferred supervisor for your PG studies. What does she/he need to assess

A Research Degree Toolkit Enhancing Postgrad Environments

A Research Degree Toolkit

This interactive map provides extensive information on every stage of the research journey. Click your way around and find answers to common questions. Clickable PowerPoint map

PG Studies In Project Teams Postgrad Environments

PG Studies in Project Teams

Models of postgraduate supervision differ from discipline to discipline. In this video a number of PhD students speak about the benefits of undertaking their research