social justice_Enhancing_Postgraduate_Environments

Social Justice in Research

Is your research serving a social justice agenda? Does postgraduate research serve a public good? These are some of the questions this interactive video raises. Inserts from various supervisors and postgraduate scholars are interspersed with 3 minute tasks which the viewer is asked to complete on their own or in discussion with others.

The video challenges us to focus on the extent to which the university is a space of flourishing and personal growth or is experienced as alienating and exclusionary. This broader focus then narrows down to questions of how our research might contribute to goals beyond our own attaining of a qualification so that it contributes to broader concerns of knowledge development and social justice.

Developed by Sioux McKenna of Rhodes University. Thanks to Dinah Arnott for her assistance in editing this video.

Who might find this useful?

This 20-minute video can be used as a self-study material or as part of a workshop. Its aim is not to teach about social justice in research but rather to stimulate discussion about the relationship between research and social justice. There are opportunities for the viewer to engage with critical questions so have a pen and paper ready!

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