Finding the right supervisor EPE

Finding the right programme & supervisor

Choosing a postgraduate research programme or department, and choosing a supervisor or supervisors to work with, is not a process that all prospective postgraduate students approach strategically, or with significant forethought. Often, students are assigned supervisors by the university department they register with, and this can create a ‘potluck’ situation, where the relationship may work out well or end in tears and frustration. Rather than waiting for a supervisor, especially, to be assigned to you, this video suggests a process, and guiding questions, for proactively researching prospective supervisors within your chosen research area. Using this guidance, we recommend that you think carefully about who you could work well with, whose research connects well with your own, and who has a sound reputation for constructive supervision. Although many students have to adjust their ideals to fit their financial and geographical reality, it is important for all prospective postgraduate students to carefully consider the place they want to study, and the people they want to be mentored by, as this relationship is one that can make or break a research degree process.

Developed by Sherran Clarence, Independent higher education consultant. Special thanks to Robyn and Kenny for their input.

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This material is for prospective postgraduate students, to use before they register for an MA or PhD degree.
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