2-minute tip #2: Relationship to texts enhancing postgraduate environments

2-minute tip #2: Relationship to texts

Two-minute tips provide short suggestions on how to improve your research. This two-minute tip looks at how there is a shift in relationship to texts from undergraduate to postgraduate level. At undergraduate level, students are often expected to be ‘knowledge tellers’ who have to demonstrate that they have read and understood the literature. Many novice researchers continue to engage with the literature in this way at postgraduate level and this is problematic. What we need is a more authorative stance where the researcher sees herself as a (novice) member of the field. In this way she draws on literature to make her own contribution.

Developed by Sioux McKenna, Director of Postgraduate Studies at Rhodes University, ably supported by the wonderful graphics of Leo Baasch, leobaasch@gmail.com.

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The two-minute tips might be useful for any supervisors or students who would like a bit of inspiration. They also make quick additions to a workshop.