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Just Write

The key to strong academic writing is to write for yourself first and often. You need to have a good sense of your own position in relation to what you’re writing about before you try to craft a piece for a reader. Supervisors and PhD scholars share writing advice in this video and focus on the need to ‘Just Write’!

Developed by Sioux McKenna – Rhodes University. Thanks to Dinah Arnott for video editing, Sabela Cuba for filming, and all the supervisors and PhD scholars who contributed to this video.


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Who might find this useful?

  • This video is suitable for anyone interested in academic writing. It would make a good addition to a writing workshop.
  • Supervisors who want to find out more about how to support their students’ writing development are encouraged to read ‘Risk in Academic Writing’ by Lucia Thesen and Linda Cooper (2013). This highly recommended text brings together the voices of postgraduate supervisors and students as they discuss the making of knowledge in writing.