Higher Degrees, Examining & Vivas

Higher Degrees, Examining & Vivas

Besides supporting and guiding the postgraduate student to completion, a supervisor has additional roles that they need to fulfil within the institution. This video elaborates on supervisory roles related to the examination of student theses. Firstly, the supervisor has to select suitable examiners as well as prepare students and support them through the examination process. The examination process may include a viva, depending on institutional requirements. Secondly, the supervisor may be approached to be a thesis examiner, and the video discusses a number of important considerations in this process.

Prof Chrissie Boughey at Rhodes University wrote and narrated the presentation. The material was originally developed for a postgraduate supervision course.

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Who might find this useful?

This material is mainly for supervisors, although the discussion on thesis examination (and particularly the additional resources) may be useful to postgraduate students who are nearing the end of their studies.