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Formatting your Thesis Part 1 – Headings

Assigning headings to different sections of your thesis is not an arbitrary task. Headings communicate meaning – they indicate the level of importance of sections of your thesis, and also the relationship between sections of your thesis. They create structure, in other words, and it is partly through structure that we signpost, or guide, our readers through our argument. This screencast explains the different headings levels one can assign to parts of a postgraduate thesis or long essay, and shows viewers step by step how to assign heading styles to their own document and use these to create an automatic table of contents when the thesis is complete, which can later be edited and updated as needed, using these tools. This formatting is an important and necessary step in preparing your thesis for examination, and taking care here communicates to your examiners the seriousness with which you approach your research, and asks them to take it seriously too. So, taking your time to get these ‘technical’ details right can pay off during the assessment phase of this journey.

Developed by Sherran Clarence, Independent higher education consultant. Special thanks to Laurence Piper for the narration.

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This material is primarily for postgraduate and postdoctoral scholars, to assist them with formatting their thesis or dissertation.