What is Theory_ Using a Theoretical Framework EPE

What is Theory? Using a Theoretical Framework

This short video introduces the idea that research is always underpinned by theory. Theories are tried and tested explanations for events and experiences that help us to move from the limitations of common sense to a more precise conceptualisation of the phenomenon. While the notion of ‘theory’ is often misused in everyday encounters (“Oh, that’s just a theory!”), in the university a theory is a powerful tool to assist us in coming to more sophisticated understandings of the issue we’re investigating. This video uses a simple analogy of a pair of glasses to show how theories can help us to look in ways that are more nuanced than what is offered when we look at a phenomenon through our prejudiced and limited ‘everyday eyes’.

Developed by Chrissie Boughey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Rhodes University. Thanks to Mandy Hlengwa for modelling the theoretical lenses and for assistance with the recording. Thanks to Sioux McKenna for editing the video and uploading.

Who might find this useful?

This short video is designed for postgraduate scholars but it might be of use to supervisors too, or to anyone running a workshop on the use of theory.

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