The importance of transferable skills Enhancing_Postgraduate_Environments

The importance of transferable skills

Graduates need to identify the job specific and transferable skills they need to develop to be competitive in the job market. This video focus on the competencies employers looks for in graduates. The additional readings, development plan, and resumé template, will provide graduates with a better understanding of the competencies needed to be successful in the job market and how to present their skills in their CVs.

Developed by Dr Henri√ętte van den Berg (University of Free State) and Mr Katleho Nyaile (Vice-President Postgaduate Student Council). Thanks to Mr Brian Munro for the video recording and editing.

Who might find this useful?

Postgraduate students and supervisors may find this video helpful.

Complete the following Individual development plan to determine your training objectives for the next year and to use as a basis to write the skills and competencies section in your CV.

Read the following aricle in The Guardian and then write your CV (using the CV template included).


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