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Plotting a paper from your thesis

Publishing out of a thesis, or a research project, can be a significant challenge for many early career researchers and postgraduate students. This prezi takes viewers through one possible process for ‘plotting’ or outlining a paper out of a thesis, or research project, from the development of the idea, purpose and audience, to the argument, and a ‘holding structure’ for the text. Through trying and adapting this process, it is hoped that viewers can make progress in choosing and developing ideas into papers, either on their own or with co-authors. Additional blog-posts and materials are suggested beneath the video.

Developed by Sherran Clarence, Independent higher education consultant.

Who might find this useful?

This material is primarily for postgraduate students and early career researchers to work through, with the worksheet and additional suggested reading. It could, however, be used in a practical paper-writing workshop run by postgraduate and/or writing support practitioners.

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