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Linking research questions and research methods

The research chain of reasoning involves many interrelated decisions that determine subsequent methodological choices. The purpose of this video is to explain the relationship between research questions, research methods and methods of analysis.  The links on this page take students to research methodology resources to assist them with the design of their research project. Students and supervisors are encouraged to use the project worksheet to track important decisions that determine the student’s research pathway. Video, 8.45 minutes.

Developed by Dr Petrus Nel (University of Free State) in collaboration with Dr Henriëtte van den Berg (University of Free State). Thanks to Mr Brian Munro for the video recording and editing.

Who might find this useful?

Postgraduate students and supervisors may find this video helpful.

Students can benefit from using the worksheets to record their research decisions and to develop a research logbook.

Instructions: Use the following project worksheet to record important research decisions. Update the worksheet as you make changes to different aspects of your project. Discuss the reasons for your decisions with your supervisor.

Proposal evaluation checklist:

Instructions:  Use the proposal evaluation checklist to determine the links between your research questions, research design and methodology. Explain why the methods you plan to use are the most appropriate.

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