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STEM students: Strategies to deal with research related challenges

The transition from undergraduate to postgraduate research can be very challenging. Many students find the scientifically demanding research and project management processes overwhelming. Successful students use many different strategies to overcome these challenges. In this video, a group of senior postgraduate students discuss the strategies that helped them to master complex scientific research processes. After you have watched the video, take a look at the suggested logbook to plan and manage your research journey.

Video 10.25 minutes and MS Word worksheet ‘Logbook’.

Developed by Dr Henriëtte van den Berg in collaboration with Mr Oluwasegun Koloyo, Mr Yond Sebastian Nyam and Ms Zizipho Xantini. Thanks to Mr Brian Munro for recording and editing the video.

Who might find this useful?

Postgraduate students and supervisors may find this video helpful.

Instructions:  Start a research logbook to record the challenges you face during your daily research activities. Update the logbook regularly, discuss challenging situations with your supervisor/laboratory staff and record actions you took to solve problems.

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