How is good scientific writing like good cooking

How is good scientific writing like good cooking?

How can good scientific writing be compared to good cooking? This resource cleverly describes how good scientific writing can be likened to good cooking. It describes the way that researchers should draw on other authors’ work but at the same time bring in one’s own voice and argumentation. It emphasises why ethical scientific writing must always be honest, clear and accurate and give credit to the ideas or text that belong to another author.

This material consists of a PowerPoint slide presentation narrated with voice over. The duration of the presentation is 5.20 minutes. A Word text of the narration is included and supports the PowerPoint slide presentation material for universal access.

Developed and narrated by Ronel Steyn (SU). Thanks to Jennali Leysens (SU) and Alison Bucholz (SU).

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Who might find this useful?

  • This material may be useful to supervisors, academic writing workshop presenters/ facilitators, etc. to include in their presentations to elicit or to encourage group discussion.